Monthly Archive: September 2014

I am new here

Hi everybody! I am new here, I am new even in what “New Year’s Resolutions” are concerned (I always avoided them because I always thought that they won’t last), but now I am very motivated and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be free of debt as soon as possible, in order to be able to go on with my life. I never planned my finances, never tracked (well, not seriously) my expenses, but it really is the time for me to start doing those things. I hope I won’t get onto anyones’ nerves with my questions, which could sound stupid for someone which is financially wise, but I am also new to the financial system here and I don’t really understand a lot of stuff. So please bear with me! :)

Thank you all and have a great & debt free year!

welcome I too am new and suggest that we track the money in and out within daily spending…..that is a starting point….vagueness prevails many of us….hopefully you will stick around all year. hugs bill

I am sure I speak for all (although not really qualified to do so, LOL) when
I say, “Bring on the questions!” I am sure there are people here who can
relate to every situation. You are no nuisance.

I am Melissa, on babystep 2…which means I have funded my $1000 emergency fund (BS1) and I am paying off my debt by using a debt snowball plan. I have a ways to go, I still owe about $39,000 in cc/medical debt (bad divorce, period of unemployment using a cc to pay everything else, too many times of trying to help my friends, etc…) . I followed Dave Ramsey’s plan a number of years ago and got it all down, but then life got in the way and I got in worse debt. I started back in September, and although it is slow going so far, I have paid off my smallest medical debt and and working my way though it. I just keep reminding myself, my situation is getting better each month I go by without racking up any more debt and am paying on it all.

Thats me. I am also a single working mom to three boys, with a great boyfriend. I think of all the things I could do if I weren’t paying $1200/month on debt…LOL…its motivating!!